Pssst: Your (yes, yours) website suffers 22 cyberattacks per day


And since the cyber connivers don’t take many days off, that’s a potential 8,030 cyberattacks per year!

Websites can’t be ‘offline’ in this e-commerce / m-commerce era

Not being able to operate because your company website is out of commission burdens the SMB with measurable direct costs as detailed by Carbonite.$427-per-minute/

Poke your head up, and the cyber crooks will try to cut it off

You have to get your business online to grow, but the bad guys are very good at using your online presence against you.

The takeover of websites, and the diversion of web domains is not rare

“Gandi SAS, a French web hosting company has announced that it suffered a security breach after hackers got hold of the valid login details to one of the company’s technical providers who manage a number of geographic TLDs.

The hackers were then able to divert traffic for over 751 domains to a malicious website. Gandi had issued an incident report according to which the breach took place on July 7 at 11:00 UTC (4:00 AM PDT) when hackers modified the name servers [NS] of the targeted domains.”

The take-away for all small businesses is to talk to your own website provider about the security of your site. Twenty-two attacks a day demands that you pay attention. For as we learned on 30 June 2017, most websites get an F for fail.

A well-known entrepreneur from the 18th century offers us some security wisdom in his usual pithy manner:

“Distrust and caution are the parents of security”
Benjamin Franklin

And please: Be careful out there, Because #RiskcanRuin!!!

Kevin Keane, Attorney-at-law