InteProIQ joins forces with CenturyLink for Cyber Security Awareness Training

InteProIQ provides a comprehensive cyber security solution in order for organizations to develop a more secure business environment. Focusing on training and the “human factor”, InteProIQ’s training concentrates on reducing human error and increasing threat awareness in the security space.

Driving the importance of training at the employee level, it is CenturyLink’s mission together with InteProIQ to provide power to employees, generating an ongoing culture of security and establishing a strong line of defense against threats that bypass technical security layers.

Regarding InteProIQ’s solution, global keynote speaker, Kevin Keane commented, “All companies are susceptible to cyber attacks. Taking the human factor into play, training is the least costly and most effective step any organization can take to prevent the seemingly inevitable breach”.

Partnering with InteProIQ, CenturyLink’s already established suite of IT security solutions is further expanded by providing a holistic solution to cyber security by offering both training and technology.