Fear Uncertainty Denial? OR Fierce Unrelenting Defense?

From the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper today 19 July 2017:

It’s worse than you thought, but that’s Bad FUD

“More than 12 million records have been exposed, although two-thirds of data breach notifications or public notices did not report the number of records compromised.

“Only 33 percent of data breaches reported this year have made the number of records exposed publicly available,” said Karen A. Barney, director of research and publications at Identity Theft Resource Center, an increase of 13 percent over 2016 mid-year numbers.”

You can do something proactive, positive, fun, understandable and verifiable. Your team will be stronger, and they can take the lessons you impart and share them with their family too. When you embrace GOOD FUD, you take back control of your data.

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And please: Be careful out there, Because #RiskcanRuin!!!


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