The problem, security experts say, is that the usual security training is a big turnoff for employees. Most of the time, all it does is try to instill fear of clicking on suspicious links or using weak passwords. But research shows that approach doesn't work. Even with training, employees are still prone to making simple security mistakes that leave a company vulnerable to damaging hacks.

Cyber security awareness training has measurable ROI. Considering the financial impact of loss in productivity or long-term consequences from reputational damage; cyber security awareness training is worth its weight in gold.


93% of employees consider human behavior to be the greatest risk to data protection

89% of breaches and data loss incidents could have
been prevented

77% of U.S. companies report employee training has significantly reduced the number of cyber hacks and incidents

60% of SMBs fail within 6 months of a security incident

159 million records containing sensitive data were compromised last year

1 in 3 employees do not receive training

Are you ready to start securing your business environment?

"Cyber security training is essential. It is the single least expensive yet the most broadly cost effective step any company can take to prepare for the seemingly inevitable breach."

  - Kevin Keane, Information Security Keynote Presenter