Awareness Training Platform

We take the struggle out of managing your training. The Awareness Training Platform, hosted by InteProIQ, provides the tools at your fingertips without adding extra hands. Key controls are available in an easy to navigate user interface allowing for maximum administrative flexibility.

Easy. Simple. Intuitive.

Ease of Use

Easily manage the Awareness Training Platform without reviewing documentation for hours on end.


Auditability and reporting are built into the platform. Check learner progress anytime and generate downloadable reports.

Branded To You

Customized login portal with your organization’s name and logo.

Add New Learners

Enrolling learners into awareness training is as easy as entering their first/last name and work email address. As your organization grows, you can add new hires or additional learners at any time. It really is that convenient.

Manage Existing Learners

Continuing cyber security awareness training strengthens an active data security defense culture throughout your environment. Within the Awareness Training Platform, you can add additional training courses to current learners.

Cloud Hosted

No need to worry about adding more infrastructure or software to your environment. All training is hosted by us. Self-hosting our courses on your own LMS is also an option. Click here to learn more.


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"Cyber security training is essential. It is the single least expensive yet the most broadly cost effective step any company can take to prepare for the seemingly inevitable breach."

- Kevin Keane, Information Security Keynote Presenter