Announcing A New Partnership With RedTeam Security

$7.35 million. That’s how much the average data breach costs an American company.

You’re well aware of the importance of taking an offensive security approach through cybersecurity education—but are you following suit with your networks, applications and infrastructure?

We share your concern and are pleased to announce a new partnership with RedTeam Security, one of the nation’s leading cybersecurity consulting firms. RedTeam specializes in penetration testing, which is as close as you can get to simulating a real-world cyberattack. Watch them in action hacking into the US power grid here.

RedTeam’s multi-faceted attack simulations identify the weak spots in your digital and physical assets—the very weaknesses a bad actor would be most likely to target. Once your employees have completed their cybersecurity training, RedTeam’s social engineering testing is the next logical step to put their new skills to the test. Their experienced testers will walk you step by step through identifying and remediating your security weak points.

Ready to take the next step toward improving your security posture? Set up a time to chat with our partners at RedTeam and ask about a special opportunity exclusively for InteProIQ subscribers.

And please: Be careful out there, Because #RiskcanRuin!!!

Kevin Keane, Attorney-at-law